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  • citrus dish washing soap Soap Yummy handmade zero waste kitchen
  • citrus dish washing soap Soap Yummy handmade zero waste kitchen
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Soap Yummy

Citrus Dish Soap

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Citrusy Dish Soap / 清新柑橘家事梘 🍊🍋⁣⁣

Editors' notes:

Adding coconut oil in soap produces excellent cleaning power. The main purpose of dish soap is to strip away the grease and oil on dishes, leaving them sparkling clean🍽🥣✨ ⁣We also added 10% olive oil so as to protect your hands at the same time 🤲🏻

It does an amazing job in cleaning but won’t leave your hands cracking dry (like how  dishwashing detergents do)⁣. We freshen up the soap with the refreshing scents of sweet orange and lemon essential oil 💛 ⁣

Ethical standards:

  • Contains 90% coconut oil✨🥥 ⁣
  • Contains 10% olive oil 
  • Natural, non-toxic and plastic-free

Do you use dish soap or dishwashing detergent at home? 🏘 Give this natural, non-toxic, and plastic free Citrusy Dish Soap a go to replace the dishwashing detergent that comes in big, evil plastic containers!⁣

清新柑橘家事梘 🍊🍋⁣

含有90% 椰子油✨🥥 ⁣


家事梘嘅主要功效係去除碗碟上嘅油膩菜汁,令洗完後嘅碗碗碟碟乾淨閃亮🍽🥣✨ ⁣