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Utah Lee Biodegradable Glasses / Cactus Clear

Utah Lee Biodegradable Glasses / Cactus Clear

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In collaboration with Utah Lee, a fitness presenter, style icon, lifestyle blogger, a fun and high-energy “momager”, KIBO’s new eyewear collection is transforming sustainable accessories into stylish yet timeless pieces.

Editor's notes:

“We want to bring awareness back to the earth. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restyle. We’re making sustainability cool, accessible and it’s for everybody” – Utah Lee.

Our gender-neutral frames are hand-crafted with bio-acetate (cotton and wood-pulp), and will biodegrade in 2 years in a landfill environment, rather than sticking around the planet for 400 years!

The lenses are also high-quality and hand-crafted, with full UV-protection.

Ethical standards:

Biodegradable in accordance to ISO standard 14855-1-2005

It's shocking how slavery still exists today in many forms, with the fashion industry serving as one of the biggest culprits. At KIBO we know we can fight it.

We ensure that our process is transparent, ethical and responsible by working with partners we trust. Our materials are GRS certified and our production meets global BSCI and REACH standards to ensure that workers are safe, paid well beyond the minimum wage, and with zero tolerance on bonded labour.

Our ensure all our products are made in a purpose-built boutique production line with experienced craftsmen. We demand the highest craftsmanship for our products, and we are able to deliver this by paying workers well above minimum wage.

We are ethical committed to:

  • Source our products responsibly
  • Cooperate with our suppliers to improve their environmental and social practices
  • Ensure that everyone in every stage of the production process is treated fairly

About the brand:

The ! is a reminder to do things differently. The fashion industry needs to change and tackle big issues such as climate change and modern slavery. And that's only possible if we adapt ourselves and unite as a community. Because we know that every small step goes a long way.

Hi, I'm Natalie

Running the rat-race in the high-end fashion and beauty industry for over 10 years, I became quite jaded about what I had been doing. I wanted to contribute more to society while doing less harm to the environment, and one thing I knew: staying put would not allow me to accomplish that.

So I decided to restart on the right foot, literally.

Armed with my keen eye for fashion, and my partner’s expertise in footwear manufacturing as a second-generation footwear manufacturer, we created K!BO. A fashion brand that would allow me to express myself and, most importantly, let me control how we can do good for the environment and its people.

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