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Sunny Shorty

Sunny Shorty

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Black washable period shorty. The protection length inside the brief is 24cm which make it look like any other underwear.

Editor's notes:

 It is basic and very discreet to wear with with any cloth. That style is suitable for super high flux with 3 layers of absorption fabric. You can use Sunny alone ( which is what Culottee recommends) in replacement of pads or with extra protection tampon or cup. Thanks to the very soft and stretchable fabric, Sunny is very comfortable and can fit all bodies.


period brief size chart

period panties


  • inner 100% cotton
  • outer: polyamide elastane
  • middle: bamboo viscose & leak proof layer
  • All fabric are Oeko-tex 100 certified


care instructions

Please hang dry the brief. Depending on the part of the world you live in (temperature and humidity), the drying time can take a few hours up to 2 days.

Ethical standards:

  1. Zero waste: First by using only Culottee washable underwear, you can save 3 to 4 Liter of garbage per year/ 1 people or 110kg to 150kg in a menstrual lifetime ( 38 years on average). Culottee is made to last with high standard fabrics and is reusable for 3+ years.
  2. Hypoallergenic and chemical-free: Culottee styles styles have been certified by a recognized laboratory and follow the REACH European standard. It is chemical free and safe for your skin. All fabrics and component are Standart 100 Oeko-tex certified. It means that Culottee use only fabrics and components which meet the human-ecological requirement for products with direct contact with the skin.
  3. Less packaging: Culottee have been designed without extra care label, which is usually cut and thrown away. The composition, flux level, size label and the care instruction have been printed inside.
    + There is no polybag inside Culottee box to avoid any useless wastage.
    + All instructions have been printed on the packaging and inside the brief.
    + The box can and must be recycled.
  4. Stock fabric pouch: The beautiful velvet pouch is using stock fabrics. The function of the pouch is to carry Culottee in our bags, it was not necessary to produce some specific fabric. From one production to the other one, the color of the velvet may change based on the stock availability.
  5. Bamboo viscose: The highly absorbent bamboo viscose layers inside Culottee underwear and requiring no pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo grows abundantly without causing damage to soil.
  6. Close production: Culottee production come from a certified factory in Shantou, China, that I’ve been working with for years. This factory has passed stringent social & environmental audits and employs very experienced workers. Keeping the production close to where it is sold is key to reducing our environmental impact and also ensures agility.

About the brand:

In Asia, we live in a part of the world where the variety of cultures, habits and unspoken rules is just fascinating. Meanwhile we are all women who like to feel good and beautiful, even during our period. But why do we keep buying disposable underwear? Hygiene? Cost? Convenience?

What if during our period we could wear the same comfortable panties that we love without extra protection while saving money and the planet?

With my team, I have created a beautiful collection of washable period brief. The different designs are similar as our favorite day to day underwear with extra layers which can absorb the leakage and the blood. They are comfortable, highly absorbent, feminine, safe for your body AND at the same time can help you save money and reduce single use plastic.

Most of women have different habits during their period between the day and night. Culottee products are designed to match with different needs, basic and high absorbency during the night, more feminine with different absorbency during the day. A brief is like a fashion pant, skirt or dress, women want to feel beautiful, feminine, comfortable and protected. That's what Culottee is for!

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