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Lina Osorio

Stripes Straw Hat

Stripes Straw Hat

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Natural and black striped wide brim hat with black ribbon.


  • Straw: Pindó
  • Origin: Huila, Colombia

Each of our hats is carefully handcrafted over weeks. We take the time to make each piece as unique as the person who will use it. As they are custom-made pieces, returns are not accepted.

Size guide:

Size and cut may vary. Use this chart as a general guide.

size chart hats

Ethical standards:

Each of our hats is carefully crafted for days and even weeks, for this reason none will be identical to the other; In some references the raw material comes from nature and it is possible that in specific seasons there is no harvest, therefore there will be no greater supply of these pieces.

Straw is a raw material from nature, from trees and plants in various regions of Colombia. We work with suppliers that grow responsibly and protect the endangered flora.

About the brand:

Lina Osorio designs hats and headdresses inspired by Colombian cultures and traditions. Research is my main tool, through it I approach artisans, direct them creatively and integrate ancestral knowledge into contemporary designs. I do all this because my passion is to encourage the culture of the hat and preserve the knowledge of each territory of my country.

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