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Recycled Leather Sneakers / Men

Recycled Leather Sneakers / Men

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These super versatile eco-friendly sneakers are made with a meticulous combination of the latest sustainable material developments, and natural materials provided for by mother nature 🌎

Editor's notes:

Every time you buy a pair, a donation is made. For each pair of shoes you purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to Compassion First, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.

The five dots were inspired by children activity books - “connecting the dots”. The meaning behind it is consistent – to connect our community together and giving back to those in need.


Upper: >50% solvent-free recycled leather, >20% rPET
Outsole: recycled rubber compound + natural rubber
Footbed: 100% recycled natural cork
Shoelaces: 100% rPET post-consumer plastics
Lining: 100% rPET post-consumer plastics


Care instructions:

  • Wipe recycled leather with damp cloth
  • IMPORTANT: Use water, diluted detergent, or specially formulated Sneaker Clinic leather wipes and protectors only
  • Do NOT use antiseptic or harsh chemicals
  • Shoelaces can be hand or machine washed
  • Insoles not to be washed. It is naturallyantibacteriall - air only for maintenance.
  • Outsole can be cleaned with sole cleaners, or whitening toothpaste and old toothbrush

Ethical standards:

Made with recycled leather, post-consumer plastics and natural materials, these #GuiltFreeKicks are designed and made to stay in your wardrobe for seasons to come! 

🚰 95% of the water recycled anreuseded throughout to keep the manufacturing process closed-loop ♻️

About the brand:

KIBO means ‘hope’ in Japanese and our mission is to bring some of it to the world by reinventing how footwear is made. 

The ! is a reminder to do things differently. The fashion industry needs to change and tackle big issues such as climate change and modern slavery. And that's only possible if we adapt ourselves and unite as a community. Because we know that every small step goes a long way.

“Meeting and volunteering with them first-hand helped me understand how significantly our industry affects their lives. I wanted to raise awareness for them and help put a stop to this tragedy.”

- Natalie
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