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SOHL Objects

Last Lighter / Olive

Last Lighter / Olive

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This product tackles single-use lighter industry with a more sustainable option.


Turn to it when you want to light a candle burn-free, start a cozy campfire, enhance a meditation session with incense, or use that broken stovetop no one bothered to fix.

  • Size 190x16x13mm
  • Weight 30g
  • Material Aluminum+ABS
  • Battery Charge Time 1.5-2 hours
  • Charges 280 lights

Ethical standards:

Say goodby to single-use lighters with this rechargeable option!

  • SOHL cares about the supply chain - we partner only with manufacturers that have been audited and are following international regulations in four main pillars: Labor Standards, Health & Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics
  • Our packaging will always be recyclable and biodegradable
  • We firmly believe in giving back, the two things we love are people and the environment. Therefore, we choose to support local charity ImpactHK and Nature Conservancy

About the brand:

SOHL pronounced soul stands for small objects heighten living. 

The brand sources and forges objects that are responsible, functional, design centric, and wallet friendly. We know who we are and what we hold dear so we ain't compromising! 

A brand isn't just a label, it is usually born with the intention to fill a gap and/or to fulfil a certain passion. It represents a vision and a mission. SOHL is a self representation of Janice and Jiapei to the world, a side of us if you will. We want to share with you what we find amazing and our mentality towards life. We admire the planet, get off on scouring beautiful functional objects and overall just empathetic humans filled with love.

welcome to our world, enjoy your stay.  
love, j²
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