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Izzy Skirt

Izzy Skirt

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This skirt is inspired by an Indian embroidery method that uses a metallic ribbon. The contrast in this skirt is where it's at. The metallic ribbon that is used for embellishing heavy traditional clothing, appliqued atop a light, crisp cotton.


  • Miniskirt with a smocked waistband to encourage free movement
  • Adorned with antique silver ribbons from Rajasthan, appliqued by hand
  • Shell and lining: 100% cotton
  • Fits true to size
  • Made in India

Wash and Care: Dry clean or hand wash only.

Ethical standards:

Our ethos is simple: for every garment produced, we are responsible for having a positive and sustainable impact on society. In this digitally mediated world, we focus on charity to ignite human connections.

23 million young women drop out of pursuing education due to the lack of menstrual hygiene. For every piece purchased, ekam provides five pads (made with organic cotton) to women in need, in collaboration with LUÜNA Naturals. We believe in a model of empowering young women through our clothing. Period.

About the brand:

Our visualisation begins in India, where romantic prints and the laidback attitude of life forms the basis of our aesthetic. Our moodboard is a fantasy of vintage India in all its psychedelic glory. This nostalgia is built onto effortlessly elegant and versatile clothing for every day. We explore heritage fabrics using ancient techniques, including block prints and ikat weaves, crafting it to suit our idea of modern femininity. At ekam, comfort is everything and so, many of our styles incorporate fluidity, encouraging easy movement for a seamless way of life.

Like previous generations in my family, I grew up in contrasting worlds. I have always been exposed to various cultures and perspectives simultaneously. Born and brought up in British ruled Hong Kong, while living in an orthodox Indian household certainly caused some confusion and raised many questions. Ekam celebrates the idea of a lifelong identity crisis, an eclectic mixture of influences that evoke all at once. The oneness that sprouts from this is the soul of ekam.

I’m inspired by those that don’t belong anywhere, but everywhere.

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