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Anthea Cooper

India Affair Dendritic Opal Cocktail Ring / Silver

India Affair Dendritic Opal Cocktail Ring / Silver

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You will fall in love with our Dendritic cocktail ring! This semi precious stone has natural grey and black fern like patterns, each one distinctive to you.


Inspired by nature and the designers Indian heritage this piece is made to be treasured.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone: Dendritic Opal
  • Stone colour: White with grey/black
  • Stone size: 25 x 14mm
  • One size: Adjustable between size 5.75 US and 7.75 US 
  • Each fern like pattern is natural and unique so each piece can differ slightly from the images you see here.
  • Comes in a beautifully designed box.

      Gemstone Meaning:

      We love the fern like patterns that make this opal so unique. Each one of a kind to you, it's a gemstone that will make you feel calm and hopeful, teaching you patience and acceptance. Known to activate the third eye chakra that helps with clarity and perception it will help you make the right decisions.

      Ethical standards:

      Launching in Hong Kong with head quarters in Australia, Anthea Cooper’s mission is to inspire women to have fun with what they do and wear. As a brand, we focus on bringing out the natural beauty of each stone to complement your everyday wardrobe. An integral part of our design method is to ensure each piece is timeless and has the versatility to be worn alone or layered; ultimately your jewellery should be a unique expression of your natural beauty.

      Each piece is beautifully and uniquely designed using natural gemstones and precious metals. Anthea’s love for semi precious stones is shown throughout her design’s. Hand crafted in India her pieces are inspired by nature and architecture from around the world. In particular she wants to stay true to her Indian heritage, but with a modern twist.

      About the brand:

      You get inspired by your travels and other strong women, you want to see more, meet new people and keep growing. When you’re not out socialising you appreciate nature, your family and your time. As you’ve gotten older you’re more comfortable in your own skin, you focus on both your mind and body, understanding more about yourself and what makes you shine from the inside out.

      “Anthea Cooper jewellery is designed for you, the confident woman who appreciates travel and nature, making the most life has to offer. My inspiration comes from nature and my Indian background which you will find is the essence of all my pieces. A lover of semi precious stones, I showcase these in my design’s and hope it reminds you of your own unique and natural beauty.”
      Jewellery is a great way to show people what you are about; it makes an outfit so much more personal. I grew up with my Mum always wearing and sharing her treasured pieces with me. I’m passionate about creating contemporary jewellery that other people can treasure too. Anthea Cooper was created not only for my love of jewellery but other inspiring women following their passions; I decided to follow mine! I hope I can inspire you to follow yours.

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