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Sum Tea

I'm So Into Blue Tea

I'm So Into Blue Tea

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Boost your immunity with this well loved combo of lemongrass and ginger mixed with dried butterfly pea flowers. An invigorating, blue concoction.

Editors' notes:

Butterfly pea flowers are commonly found in South and South East Asia. The flower is made up of a compound called anythocyanins, a type of antioxidant commonly found in other dark coloured foods such as blueberries, grapes and eggplant. When steeped, the flower imbues the water with its natural vivid blue colour.

Ethical standards:

  • 100% natural and certified organic ingredients

  • Hand blended, hand packed

  • 100% recyclable paper-based packaging

  • No caffeine, no sugar

About the brand:

At Sum Tea, we are inspired by all the good things around us. We create feel-good artisan tea that evoke joy, transport your mind elsewhere and create moments worth savouring. We work alongside our HK-based tea master to perfect each blend with the finest natural and organic ingredients. All our teas are lovingly blended and packed by hand for you to enjoy.

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