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Handmade Ceramic Mug

Handmade Ceramic Mug

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A timeless sustainable and reusable ceramic mug that comes with a free silicone lid.

Great to use on-the-go, take to the office, or keep at home. Comes with either a pink or grey lid, plus a free silicone band for easy gripping. 100% handmade in Hong Kong. Each piece is beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind. The perfect hygge piece for your home. An exclusive collaboration with a HK-based ceramicist.


Small size holds up to 250-300 mL/8-10 fluid ounces. Large size holds up to 400-450 mL/14-15oz. 

Ethical standards:

  • Handcrafted and slowly made ceramics 
  • Timeless designs to bring calm to your daily life
  • Made to last from high quality stoneware
  • Natural plant-dyed glazes
  • Each piece is unique and takes 2-3 weeks to make

About the brand:

素謠由英文 Sow 和 Tale 組成,意味著把我們的故事會像播種一樣傳開去。




Sowtale is the combination of "Sow" and "Tale", meaning that our stories will spread like seeding. 

Sowtale is a collaboration of two very distinctive souls - one flies around the world for his work, while the other stays in Hong Kong for her art. We look abroad for artistic inspirations and transform these ideas into tailor-made products for our local customers. That's how our "Art and Life" begins. 

Our ceramic products are designed and hand-crafted in Hong Kong. We care each steps: from choosing the clay body to glazing, which leads to good quality. Experiencing the world with different senses is indispensable to us, so we would like you to first experience our wares before taking them home. We will try our best to collaborate with other brands and parties in order to bring you new experiences in the future!

By reading our stories and using our products, we wish to bring calm to your daily life or create your own life rhythm. Sowtale values each independent with different thoughts and ideas, if you are a one of these people, feel free to reach us!

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