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Lemongrass & Basil Tea

Lemongrass & Basil Tea

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An original infusion of plants, flowers and fruit. A flavour of citrus and pepper brought by the lemongrass balanced by the olive tree leaves having a light taste of tea. 

A surprising mix with quince and cornflower to help you relax.

消化柠檬草和矢车菊混合. 原始注入的植物,花卉,水果和蔬菜。 柠檬草与橄榄树所平衡的柠檬草带来的柑橘和胡椒味,带有淡淡的茶味。 罗勒是印度草药疗法中必不可少的成分。 令人惊奇的胡萝卜,木瓜和矢车菊的混合物可平衡您的内部系统


Ingredients: Lemongrass, Cornflower, basil, olive tree leaves & dried carrot

  • You can make up to 3/4 cups with one tea bag
  • Each tea bag weighs 45 grams
  • Caffeine-free, sugar-free, and with no artificial flavors

Ethical standards:

  • 14 biodegradable individual tea bags
  • Tisarom tea is a healthy drink, based on plants, flowers, and fruits directly sourced in the organic French fields to bring out the best for your health and pleasure
  • 100% traceable: by only collaborating with French local farmers, they're sure to always know where the plants are from and help to promote the sustainable work of the farmers

About the brand:

Tisarôm is the new way of drinking herbal tea. No more bitter taste, no more old looking packaging or lack of understanding which plant is better for your body. Tisarôm is a healthy drink, based on plants, flowers and fruits directly sourced in the organic French fields to bring out the best for your health and pleasure. We have created four different and original recipes to meet your daily needs and activities.

Tisarôm is the new alternative to your repetitive daily drinks like coffee, tea, soda or water. For each moment of your day, you will find your Tisarôm mix. Tisarôm is a healthy way to hydrate your body and bring you pleasure all day long. Tisarôm offers the best quality by only putting full leaves and flowers in each bag. Discover our collection and start your new healthy routine.

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