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  • lab grown diamond earrings bezel set earrings sustainable eco-friendly jewelry gorgeous good quality jewels diamonds
  • lab grown diamond earrings bezel set earrings sustainable eco-friendly jewelry gorgeous good quality jewels diamonds
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The Diamond Forest

Bezel Set Earrings

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This bold design accents the beauty of the lab grown round diamond and are a timeless addition to any jewelry.


These bezelled studs have a total carat weight of 0.60 and come in D-F colour and VS clarity. They can be customised in 14K white, rose and yellow gold.

*Please note these are made to order. If you'd like to customize this piece, please feel free to send us an email to: We'd be more than happy happy to fill any request you may have!

Ethical standards:

Lab Grown Diamonds are produced in a way that’s sustainable and eco friendly. They are safe as they are created in laboratories rather than dangerous mines. Our man made diamonds are conflict free and have no negative long term effects on the environment.

Lab grown Diamonds are developed using settings that mimic the natural process which generate earth grown diamonds, this means the usage of high pressure and high temperatures. Mined Diamonds were formed from 1 to 3 billion years ago where the earth was exposed to extreme temperatures than it is today. Unlike the billions of years, it takes to make mined diamonds, the process of developing a lab grown diamond is significantly more efficient. Technology today has provided us the capacity to construct this environment inside a laboratory rather than using the bowels of our planet Earth.

About the brand:

With generations of our ancestry contributing to the diamond trade, we’ve always held a strong attachment to these beautiful stones. But as we learned more about the mined diamond industry, we realized how much the diamond mining industry is tainted by human rights abuses, environmental destruction, and political corruption. We wanted to discover a way to continue creating gorgeous, luxurious jewelry but inspired by ethics we can stand for.

Unlike the generations before us, we realized we have the choice to use technology and innovation to wear pieces we love with no harm. That’s why we chose lab-grown diamonds; the way forward, the way to channel our heritage and culture into a wearable brand for the modern mind who can wear pieces with pride. So we present to you, The Diamond Forest; a way you can invest in a sustainable world and ethical beauty.