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Just Peachy

Bamboo Terry Reusable Baby Wipes / 6-Pack

Bamboo Terry Reusable Baby Wipes / 6-Pack

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The softest, silkiest cloth wipes your precious little baby has ever used! These are the perfect multi-functional bamboo wipes for delicate little bums, faces and bodies, and great for grown-ups too! 

Editor's notes:

  • Super soft, silky bamboo terry designed for baby's delicate skin
  • Plush and thick for bath time and washing little faces
  • Has good grip for wiping bottoms as an eco-friendly wipe alternative
  • Get a variety of colors for different members of the family, or to distinguish between bum wipes and face cloths 

Just Peachy bamboo terry wipes are soft and silky smooth, but designed to be practical too - the uses are endless! Simply wet a bamboo cloth wipe, designed to be smooth but have grip for effective cleansing, and use as a gentle wipe for little bums. Using skin-friendly materials, Just Peachy's reusable cloth wipes will help keep your baby's skin happy and healthy.

Just Peachy bamboo terry wipes are also great for bath time, for a gentle scrub all over, or to lay on top of your newborn during their bath to help with Moro Reflex and make them feel more grounded and relaxed. 

For the whole family, these eco-friendly wipes are perfectly sized to be used as little face cloths, wet wipes, cooling wet cloths, and so much more! 

Get a variety of our beautiful color packs to distinguish between cloth wipes for diaper changes and those for bath time, or to keep separate sets for each baby. Just Peachy's material blend is uniquely designed to be silky soft and environmentally friendly, yet strong and functional for everyday use. 


Each pack includes:

6 bamboo terry reusable cloth baby wipes


20 x 20cm / 8" x 8"

Machine washable. Hang or lay flat to dry.


  • 80% Bamboo viscose
  • 15% organic cotton
  • 5% polyester
  • Intertek certified

    Ethical standards:

    Just Peachy's bamboo liners are toxin and fragrance-free, and allows moisture to pass through while holding its shape so that you're not left with a disintegrating mess after a few hours on the bum. 

    • Can be washed, dried and reused if lightly soiled with pee
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Biodegradable
    • Extra large for extra coverage
    • Protects cloth diapers from rash creams
    • Plastic-free packaging

    Just Peachy is responsibly made in China with strict testing and quality certification performed by the internationally recognized agency Intertek. Just Peachy is a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

    About the brand:

    Our journey began when we created the world's first easy-fit cloth diaper that truly fits from newborn to potty training, with a pull-up style that can still unsnap for mess-free poop changes. Since the launch of our patented Just Peachy Cloth Diaper design, we introduced zero waste diaper care products and our first Feel Good kids underwear crafted from super soft, environmentally responsible TENCEL modal. We're empowering parents to choose better for their kids and do better for the planet. We're simplifying eco-conscious parenting.

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