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Bamboo Adult Face Mask

Bamboo Adult Face Mask

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Bamboa’s 100% organic bamboo fiber face masks - the first on the market.

Editor's notes:

These bamboo face masks are hand sewn by our local tailors in Hong Kong using three layers of bamboo fabric. 

Ethical standards:

There is no doubt face masks can contribute to reducing transmission of Covid-19, so a face mask will become a daily accessory for us all to wear to protect ourselves and others for who knows how long..

The disposable face masks sadly do not decompose nor can be re-used or recycled and pollute the oceans and our landfills.

Due to the lack of disposable face masks, many people have used the lockdown time to create and make their own face masks, which is a great initiative and so much better for our environment.

However what we have found is that the normal fabric face masks are either made of polyester or cotton that make the skin feel hot, scratchy and sticky, so Bamboa decided to launch its own collection of 100% bamboo fiber face masks. Note: they don't have compartment for additional filters.

  • Small - ear loop 17 cm
  • Large - ear loop 19cm


  • You can boil water and mix it with a bit of cold water, add washing liquid to it and soak and stir and wash
  • This is best way to make your mask kill bacteria and also for it to last long
  • Bamboo fibers bring super silky are very thin and difficult to sew as a face mask, so by washing in the machine, the threads can easily come loose
  • Naturally antibacterial - inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • As smooth as silk
  • Doesn’t leave any compression marks on your face
  • Cooling
  • Breathable
  • Durable for many years
  • Biodegradable
About the brand:

Founded in 2008 by Julia Washbourne, Bamboa's products are made out of 100% bamboo from sustainable forests in Asia, by local families and communities. All products are produced to the highest environmental and social standards, from the products conception to end of life.

All bamboo items are biodegradable and come in sustainable packaging.

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