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Zodiacus Sweatshirt

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$37.00 USD
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$37.00 USD
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Star Sign

Our products are made from a flexible and highly-comfortable fabric, suitable for travelling in style, the gym and for lounging at home.

Editors' notes:

Coated in SilvadurTM by Dupont, our fashionable wardrobe basics are water-resistant, bacterially-defensive and ecologically-sustainable.

Ethical standards:

alibi. provides customers with stylish, bacterially-defensive, ecologically-sustainable essentials.

If you’re commuting by train, taxi; travelling on a plane; working out at the gym or just lounging at home, alibi. products act as fashionable armour against bacteria. Our products are designed to protect wearers with the support of SilvadurTM, a Dupont Technology, that leverages silver ions to create antimicrobial properties in our fabrics to prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

SILVADUR™ by DuPont uses a technology consisting of silver ions that prevents fabrics from developing microorganism reproduction and build up on the surface. This innovative technology provides an equal distribution of silver ions to ensure comprehensive protection. Water resistant and stretchy, alibi. pieces are made from a comfortable, durable fabric that feels light and breathable - ideal for any scenario.