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  • luüna organic cotton night pads (29cm)
  • luüna organic cotton night pads (29cm)
  • luüna organic cotton night pads (29cm)
  • luüna organic cotton night pads (29cm)
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LUÜNA Naturals

Organic Cotton Night Pads

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These 29cm period pads are made with super soft and breathable organic cotton, keeping our bodies healthy, comfortable and irritation-free. Each box is recyclable and comes with 10 pads. 

Each box is recyclable and comes with 10 pads. We import our organic cotton from farms that have been highly certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


  • 100% certified organic cotton topsheet
  • natural wood fluff high-absorbency core
  • hypoallergenic to keep us irritation-free
  • free from pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, dyes and viscose
  • FDA approved and SGS tested

Why is The LUÜNA Organic Cotton Night Pad so special?

What our pads have:

topsheet: made from imported organic cotton that has been certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard, this material is totally synthetic-free, grown without toxic chemicals and produced under ethical standards. It's hypoallergenic too, protecting your vagina from itches, irritations and other health issues related to non-organic pads.

core: made from degradable all-natural wood fluff with high absorbency SAP for added protection from leaks.

certifications: we have certifications in spades and all our products are FDA-Approved and SGS-tested to be safe and healthy for use.

what our pads don’t have:

viscose, rayon, pesticide residue, chlorine, toxic fragrances, dyes and other nasty substances found in traditional non-organic period products.

    Our Personal Quality Assurance

    we’ve personally tested and proven these pads to provide protection from leaks on even the heaviest flow days, whilst also keeping our bodies free from the nasty toxins found in traditional non-organic cotton pads.

    About the brand: 

    LUÜNA Naturals' mission is to ensure everybody has access to toxin and plastic-free period care unhindered by shame, taboos and misconceptions about their bodies. Their goal is to make periods better: for our bodies, our planet, and our communities in need.

    Every time a community member or partner purchases LUÜNA period care, we donate a Period Cup or pads to vulnerable communities.

    This work is supported by the LUÜNA Period Collective; a global network of social initiatives through which we safely distribute LUÜNA products and educational workshops to those most in need.

    In our first year of launch, we raised over 1,000 cups and 10,000 pads for donation.

    Ethical standards:

    • Healthy planet-friendly products: We use only certified Organic Cotton and toxin-free materials. better for our bodies and our planet.
    • Taboo-free education: We deliver taboo-free education around menstrual health English, Mandarin and Cantonese to corporates, schools and universities across Asia.
    • Tackling period poverty: We collaborate with The LUÜNA Period Collective; a network of social initiatives across Asia whose staff and communities we support with donations of period cups and menstrual health workshops.
    • Our product range uses only the mostly highly-certified materials and you can rest assured, each one is tested and loved by the people behind our brand.

    • We have a commitment first-and-foremost to ensuring the health of our community and those within vulnerable groups across Asia, whilst striving constantly to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Honest periods:

    • This period care line comprises tampons, pads and liners. It’s produced between Germany and Asia, using super soft and hypoallergenic organic cotton that’s certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.
      This standard ensures not only is the cotton produced without the harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton farming, but that ethical standards are maintained along the supply chain. this way, you know your purchase hasn’t come at the cost of someone else’s health and happiness.

    • All products in our organic cotton line are FDA approved and SGS-tested.

    Founder's story:

    i soon realized that, like me, over 90% of menstruators didn’t know what their period care was made of. we have no idea that the ingredients found in traditional pads and tampons are linked to chronic health issues like endocrine hormone disruption and endometriosis.

    we have no idea that they contain materials which take up to 500 years to degrade. we have no idea that our negative period symptoms are often caused by these products, not menstruation itself.

    i knew then that I had to do better, for myself, my friends and future generations of women. so I began product development, fundraising and community-building, laying the foundations to launch a new kind of company, one driven by menstruators, that truly exists to make periods better; for our bodies, our planet and our communities in need.

    - Founder, Olivia Cotes-James