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Mazu Resortwear

Junk Twilight Water Bottle

Junk Twilight Water Bottle

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Your perfect companion. Take the Junk Twilight RIB (Rigid Insulated Bottle) everywhere you go. 

Editors notes:

From the office, to the gym to the beach, our 750ml RIB keeps you hydrated all day and through the night. Made from double insulated stainless steel with an anti-sweat coating, ensuring an enjoyable drinking experience.  

Our RIB is specifically designed to fit a full bottle of wine at the desired, refreshing temperature while you are on your adventures. Featuring an ample sized opening, which allows you to easily place ice inside for an extra chilled, thirst quenching beverage.  

Help save the oceans with our reusable, recyclable and refillable, BPA free rigid insulated bottle.


  • Ice-Cold beverage up to 8 hours
  • Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours
  • Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours
  • Fits a bottle of Wine
  • Signature Junk Twilight Design
  • Eco-friendly
  • BPA-Free
  • Perfect size for all-day hydration

Ethical standards:

The sight of an old fishing junk boat bobbing gently through the water after a long day out at sea with the sun setting and the moon appearing is what we had in mind when designing The Junk Twilight. Symbolising the transition from day to night. We’ve decided to pay tribute to this humble sailing vessel, by not only making it the representative symbol of Māzŭ Resortwear, but also using it to inspire one of our signature designs.

This water bottle is a reusable bottle made to replace single-use plastic.

About the brand:

Hong Kong has always had an intimate relationship with the sea; local fishermen, distant travellers, and avid sailors have all respected the waters that hug the verdant hills of its coastline.

A true blend of tradition and modernity, Māzŭ pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich maritime history; incorporating traditional colours, local motifs, and unique fabrics to create resortwear for the man who understands quality and comfort.

The craftsmanship and work that goes into our swim shorts is second to none. Our fabrication has an extremely soft-to-touch hand feel with a durability and texture you'd like to find in a luxury product, while our aglets are handcrafted and gilded to resemble a traditional monkey fist knot. The double needle stitching and point d'arrêt finish indicate that the construction of each pair has been done with such effort as to ensure that the shorts not only look great from the outside, but also look and feel great on the inside.

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