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Soap Yummy

Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Lip Balm

Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Lip Balm

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This sweet orange & grapefruit lip balm made with coconut oil and beetroot powder comes in a natural light coral pink shade.

Editors' notes:

Coconut oil helps soften and keep chapped lips moisturized while candelilla wax is an effective barrier to prevent moisture loss💧 This sweet orange & grapefruit lip balm has a slight coral pink shade to it, great for a day out. Comes in a biodegradable, plastic-free tube.

Guess what we added for colored lip balm? Organic beetroot powder! Bringing to you a little bit of sweetness plus a little bit of purple pink color 💜💖 Most importantly, it’s all natural and eco friendly✨



Ethical standards:

  • 100% natural, non-toxic and edible
  • Effective for dry lips without any chemicals
  • Handmade locally in Hong Kong
  • Comes in biodegradable, plastic-free tubes
  • Naturally colored with beetroot powder

Customer review:

”I naturally have very dry lips so I always have my lip balm with me wherever I go. Soap Yummy’s newest lip balm is super moisturizing yet not sticky. Knowing that it is all natural, I feel safe using it frequently.☺️And it smells delicious too!😋 You have changed my mind on natural products!” said Ashley, our sunshine girl customer☀️

The lip balm she’s using is this beetroot lip balm with the scent of sweet orange🍊✨ with a light touch of glossy purple pink color 💜💖

「平時我的嘴唇非常乾所以我經常會隨身帶着潤唇膏💄Soap Yummy 最新的潤唇膏非常滋潤而且不黏笠,知道用料是全天然後,我覺得很安心使用☺️而且很香很好聞😋你改變了我對天然產品的想法!」這是我們的顧客陽光女孩Ashley 的用後感☀️


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