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Lotus Silk Grey Scrunchie Set (Skinny & Medium)

Lotus Silk Grey Scrunchie Set (Skinny & Medium)

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Luxurious Lotus Silk Grey Scrunchie Set (Skinny & Medium)made  from 100% organic lotus silk (vegan silk) with recycled elastic and natural dyes. Comes with 1x Skinny and 1x Medium Grey Scrunchie. Smooth & soft | non-slip, strong hold, all day wear, gentle on your hair!


These aren’t your ordinary scrunchies, they’re the ideal hair ties – soft yet strong, taking you through the whole day comfortably. Coming in two colours, you can choose your look for the day.

  • 1 Skinny and 1 Medium Lotus Silk Grey Scrunchie
  • 100% plant-based & vegan*
  • Smooth & soft
  • Non-slip, all day wear
  • 1cm wide recycled elastic band
  • Gentle on your hair, yet strong hold
  • Natural dyes

*Shell fabric

Ethical standards:

Our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Scrunchies are made from 100% organic lotus silk* and recycled elastic. This material is sourced from the stem of lotus flowers and is a plant-based, vegan alternative to regular silk. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together, dried and woven – they’re truly one of a kind and eco-friendly!

We use natural dyes for our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Collection, which are free of any harsh chemicals, and that’s why we recommend to gently hand wash & dry your Lotus Silk Scrunchies separately.

Note: Due to the natural dyes used, slight variances in colour may occur.

For our design samples, we were able to utilise our 3D design softwares to quickly create realistic samples which allowed us to significantly reduce sample waste. 

What is Lotus Silk and how is it made?

Lotus silk is a rare, vegan fabric produced in small scales due to the skill and time required to source these delicate plant-based fibers. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together and dried. Once woven, it is durable and soft to touch, unlike any other fabric. As a vegan alternative to regular silk made from silkworms, it is purely plant-based and kind on our planet & animals.  

About the brand:

At feat.FASHIONour mission lies in redefining everyday essentials for the whole family to provide eco-friendly products that are meant to last. From a simple product, we look at every element, making conscious choices along the way about our methods and materials. Our three signature collections – feat.MASK, feat.HAIR and feat.LIFE – are carefully designed using sustainable materials that are comfortable and fashionable! 

We at feat.FASHION are committed to providing you with eco-friendly products, making sure that every step in our process is sustainable and kind on our planet, specifically looking at 3 keys areas (product development, materials and post purchase). Being sustainable is not a trend – it is what we believe and aim to achieve at work each and every day. 

We make sure only eco-friendly and certified materials go into the production of all our products and packaging. Our materials are either sustainably produced, FSC certified, plant-based & vegan, non-toxic, deadstock, made from recycled materials, biodegradable or recyclable. We believe we can all live in style without compromising on sustainability or comfort, our eco-friendly products are fun and bold and expresses your personality with a touch of colour!

We believe that planting trees is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to fight against climate change. A growing tree absorbs carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change. For this reason, we support tree planting initiatives and we pledge to donate with every purchase of our products.

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Our mission

To prove that sustainability is stylish and to make shopping for eco-conscious brands easy and accessible.