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Fresh Sheets Candle / Fun Size

Fresh Sheets Candle / Fun Size

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Like tumbling into clean sheets and that feeling after you get your laundry done

Editors' notes:

This luxurious hand poured candle has scent notes of:

  • /cotton flower
  • /aloe
  • /forest


Fun size // 100g // Burn time: 30-35 hours

Fun size candles - for a mood lift within your fingertips.

Please note: all candles are hand poured in small batches. variations may occur and are natural.

Ethical standards:

  • Made with a blend of coconut and soy wax
  • Fine fragrance and essential oils
  • Wooden wick to ensure a clean and cozy burn
  • Hand poured in Hong Kong

About the brand:

WOODCO is a homegrown business that has taken a liking with candle making, as they bring our spin on scents that capture a moment in time – an ounce of nostalgia. They are a mother and daughter duo who are equal parts perfectionist. Their formulas go through rigorous rounds of trial and error before we deliver you a beautiful concoction – each candle comprising up to 10 different essential and fragrance oils.

Life gets so busy, and we hope that our handcrafted candles instil balance to your everyday routine. Taking a restful pause is a luxury in itself, and what better way to unwind down with both eyes closed, immersed in subtle yet powerful, soothing aromas.

We might have prepped you with the goodies. But it is up to you to drop everything to the side and listen to your body’s needs, all on your own terms.

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